On-Site Education Activities: Rearing Courses, Visits to Insect Rearing Education & Research Laboratory

Rearing Classes at NCSU

Onsite Rearing Classes at NCSU

Professor Allen Carson Cohen joined the Entomology Department (now Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology) at North Carolina State University as a research professor, he has taught several in person (on-site) classes in insect rearing.  He has also taught workshops in insect rearing and insect diets.  The on-site rearing courses have received high praise from nearly every student who has taken these offerings, and students especially appreciated the “know your insect” approach to rearing and the emphasis on treating rearing as a science with rigor and cross-disciplinary emphasis.

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Students from 2011 Rearing Course (Michelle Meck (upper left), Micah Gardner and Kelly Oten (upper right); Andrew Ernst (lower left); Nancy Brill and Alana Jacobsen (lower right)

Students from 2019 Rearing Class

2019 Rearing Class

Mary and David 004Former students in the insect rearing courses (David Bednar and Mary Talley).

Students from most recent rearing course (2015)

Students from most recent rearing course (2015) (Nick Travanty, Arun Babu, Bobbie Mitchell, Anirudh Dhammi, Synda MacCracken, Folukemi Adedipe, and Forrest Howell (left to right)