Evaluating live (synchronous, via Zoom) online courses. The current series of 3 courses {on 1) diets, 2) rearing systems operations, and 3) design and control of insect rearing systems} include more hours of instruction than workshops (60 hours vs. 40 hours of instruction); the courses cost less than the workshops {registering for all 3 courses costs $750 vs. more than $1000 for workshops}; the live online courses are spread over 3 months; there is time for interaction between participants and the instructor, including opportunity to ask questions between classes. The opportunity for feedback between participants and the instructor is in my opinion a very important part of the learning experience. For example, I have spent considerable time during this series of classes responding to questions and modifying the presentations to help amplify important points about the topics covered. In some cases, I have added through the online Moodle system (please see this website for further explanation of what I mean by referring to Moodle: https://docs.moodle.org/310/en/About_Moodle) many supplements and enrichments to add enriched content of the Zoom courses. For example, I have developed several tutorials that further explain concepts and procedures discussed in the live Zoom presentations. The flexibility of Moodle is virtually limitless, and I have been using it to deliver supplementary materials that allow participants to go into depth beyond what can be covered in class. The enrichment materials include many of my own tutorials, diagrams, images, and various other aids for learning about insect rearing science. This includes a major source of learning enrichment in the form of PDFs of open access papers that are sources of in depth information on rearing-related topics.

For more information about these classes, visit these links: 

Insect Diet Science and Technology

Insect Rearing Systems Operations

Design and Control of Insect Rearing Systems