The new course in Insect Rearing System Fundamentals starts October 3, 2023 and runs until November 9, 2023. The course will be taught for entry-level and mid-level rearing personnel who want to know more about all major aspects of rearing systems.

COVERED TOPICS: What are the rearing system components (diets, genetics, microbes, environments, containers, other aspects of biology of reared insects, food science applications to rearing, experiments that help us develop and improve our rearing systems AND how all these components interact)?

Teaching/Learning Methods: Live/Real-Time Lecture/Discussion with rich course materials provided in lectures and Moodle framework. Lectures/Discussions are 2-hour sessions, twice a week for 6 weeks (24+ hours of instruction). Learning sessions are structured around intensive interactions between students/participants and the instructor (Professor Allen Carson Cohen).

Class Sessions start at 1100 am and end at 100pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Registration Cost: $450

October 3, Develop a unified understanding of rearing systems

October 5, Diets: Overview of Insect Nutrition

October 10, Diets: Chemical & Physical Aspects

October 12, Diet-making & Presentation

October 17, Diet development & Optimization

October 19, Matching Diets & Feeding Biology

October 24, Domestication & Colonisation in Rearing Systems

October 26, Microbial Relations in Rearing Systems

October 31, Reducing Error in Rearing Systems

November 2, Error Reduction and Stress in Rearing Systems

November 7, Quality Control in Rearing Systems

November 9, Process Control & Course Wrap-up