We have presented a PDF version of a talk that I gave to some classes of 2nd graders in North Carolina, during the time of COVID-19.

We presented pictures of silkworms in different stages of their life cycle (eggs–>larvae–>pupae (in their white cocoons)–>adults.

Silkworm Adults and Cocoons (pupae)

Latest Courses Completed

We are now completing the first 3 synchronous (live) online courses in insect rearing systems. The sequence began in October 2020 with Insect Diet Science and Technology (Course 1), then followed in November 2020 with Insect Rearing Systems Operations (Course 2), and finished in December 2020 with Design and Control of Insect Rearing Systems. All classes met two days a week for 2.5 hours and were featured with powerpoint lectures, videos, and discussions of all aspects of insect rearing from a “systems” point of view. The Zoom format provided an immediacy and involvement that static online formats do not provide.

Professor Cohen lectured and discussed with participants diets, feeding biology, insectary environments, genetics and epigenetics, microbial relations, in several established rearing systems. Rearing was treated constantly as a science-driven process, and Cohen illustrated (with involvement from participants) how to use design of experiments and statistically-based quality and process control to develop and better understand standard operating procedures (SOPs) to meet the needs of our insects in rearing systems. Cohen applied the “Know Your Insect” axiom to reinforce the power of careful observation, data mining, and analysis-based inquiry to help strengthen participants grasp of the complexities of the interactive components of rearing system.

We are now ready to launch the next set of three courses set for January, February, and March of 2021.