Online Education

Our first courses in insect rearing were successfully completed by nearly 100 rearing students/professionals thus far.  We have, for the students’ convenience, combined the first two courses into one, which is offered for the registration fee of $400.00 (US).  One of the most important advantages for people taking the course is the opportunity to interact with the course developer, Allen Carson Cohen.  Once students have gone through a module, they can ask questions or make comments and get prompt responses from Dr. Cohen.

Please see the page called “Outline for Online Course” on this website.  The topics covered in this course are listed to give you an idea of what this comprehensive yet basic course covers.

One more thought: according to user demand, we can devise new courses in a variety of topics (such as diet development strategies, process control, problem-solving in insectaries, and development of standard operating procedures).

Current Online Course Brochure

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