The Insect Rearing Education and Research Program

is a rearing education and research program that offers multiple services in connection with the advancement of insect rearing.  Its long-term goal is to improve insect rearing as a science and formal technology, raising insect rearing and its practitioners to a well-respected professional level.  Our mission is to serve as a model for the development of cutting edge research in rearing and to help educate the rearing professionals and aspiring rearing specialists to achieve higher levels of rearing-based accomplishments.

Our program is fortified by interactions with faculty and staff from several departments at North Carolina State University, where we reach far beyond our own Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology to strengthen and extend our scope with interactions from the Departments of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutritional Sciences, Statistics,Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Poultry Science,Plant & Microbial Biology, Forest Bioproducts, and several other departments.

One of the most potentially beneficial aspects of the Insect Rearing Education and Research Program is that Professor Cohen’s expertise and willingness to help with your specific projects and interests is ever-present. Professor Cohen is available through the private company INSECT DIETS AND REARING RESEARCH, LLC or through the academic/research facility at NCSU.