Now, you can get consultation services from Dr. Allen Carson Cohen, and get the benefits of his 40+ years of expertise and successes in insect rearing science and technology. Dr. Cohen has helped dozens of companies and laboratories solve problems in quality control, process control, development of diets and other aspects of rearing systems.

Announcing the re-opening of Allen Carson Cohen’s company Insect Diet and Rearing Research, LLC!!!

To discuss your interests and issues, contact Dr. Cohen at

Dr. Cohen demonstrating thermal image analysis for clients. The thermal imaging device shown here is the FLIR gun that shows images of the thermal domain in various environments, such as rearing rooms.

Dr. Cohen’s recent research into rearing system dynamics reveals that many stresses, problems, and failures are attributable to thermal issues and related metabolic issues. Dr. Cohen’s advocacy of multiple factor testing/experiments leads to solutions for complex problems. Find out how these approaches can help you and your rearing system!