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What’s New in Rearing Education at IREaR (Insect Rearing Education and Research)?

Yesterday (December 1, 2020) was the first day of Course 3 (Design and Control of Insect Rearing Systems). This diagram shows some of the topics Professor Cohen discussed in the introduction to Course3.

Cohen describes the courses, presented in a live Zoom format as having the immediacy of LIVE presentation and the opportunity for students to be involved in the presentation of rearing concepts. He comments further that the 3 courses are designed to cover all aspects of rearing as a scientific enterprise. The courses approach rearing from a design of experiments approach to ALL rearing issues. For example, in yesterday’s class, Cohen discussed the effects of heat processing and addition of beans vs. rice and agar vs. carrageenan on gel strength (texture) of insect diets. This illustration was a topic of yesterday’s discussion.

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Using these and related diagrams, Cohen explained the implications of several factors on the quality and efficacy of insect diets.

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