An ideal course for people new to insect rearing or with limited experience.  This course is available as a NOT FOR CREDIT introduction to rearing, including the biological aspects and physical aspects of rearing systems.  You learn at your own pace, and you have access to the instructor, Dr. Allen Carson Cohen.  You get feedback from brief quizzes and from interactions with Allen Cohen.

Here are some details:

We are pleased to announce that our updated and improved online course in insect rearing is now open for registration.   The information about how to register and some highlights of the course is below.  Please note that among the changes from the online courses that we offered previously, we have everything in the introductory course included in one package, for which the registration fee is $400.00.  This fee gives you access for 12 weeks to all 66 course modules and supplements.  See our Course Outline page for further details.  All modules are followed by objective, self-graded quizzes, but students are invited (but not required) to write some short essay responses about course information.  We are sure that this course can be of great value both to people new to rearing and to experienced rearing personnel.  The format of PowerPoint presentations, narration (by Allen Carson Cohen), videos, and feedback from quizzes and email communication makes the course unique and a great value.

You may register for the online course one of the following two ways:

  1. You may Register Online
  2. Or you may Call to register. Please call Mr. Jeremy Watson to register  (919) 515-2261, (The Office Extension and Continuing Education) or you may call Jeremy directly at (919) 513-2161.  You may also email Jeremy Watson at

And, of course, if you are having problems or have questions, you can contact Allen Cohen (

Please see Current Online Course in Insect Rearing page